Mother’s Day Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and especially mine! I was lucky enough to get work off and come home for a couple days to celebrate with my mommy! Of course, we already fought once already but laughed it up realizing we were fighting over stupid things again. Sorry for being an annoying daughter. But I love you!

For my Mother’s Day card, my friend told me about this awesome app called Ink Cards. It is an app where you can pick a card, write a personalized message, and put in a picture, ALL FOR $1.99!!

This is how mine turned out!


Cute, right? My mom loved it!! (she also almost threw it away because she thought it was junk mail, RUDE)

Anyways, most of you will probably be going out to brunch with your mothers on this lovely day so this is what I would wear on this beautiful, sunny, loving day!



Mother's Day Brunch

Sigma Kappa Formal

Tomorrow is my sorority’s formal at Avila Country Club.
I bought the dress at NastyGal and planning on accessorizing with gold jewelry and pink tones. I still cannot decide on what shoes to wear!
Which pair do you think I should wear?
xoxoSigma Kappa Formal

Dreaming of Summer

As much as I love Cal Poly, I hate school. Has anyone started their countdown to summer yet cause I have. 44 more days until I can put on my teeny, tiny bikini and tan for an unhealthy amount of hours. Only 44 more days until I drive south on the 101 to the beautiful, smoggy LOS ANGELES! 44 days until Bambi.

While I was dreaming of summer, I created a colorful set on Polyvore. I’m hoping summer will also be all about pastels like it is for spring!!!


Summer by ashleyha featuring sea home decor

Back to Black

I love love love wearing the color BLACK for many reasons….

1) black is a very flattering color on anyone
2) it looks good on any skin tone
3) something about the color makes you look sophisticated
4)  it looks good on my balayage highlights
5) black is the new black
On a typical night out, my go-to outfit is a black dress with my current obsessed heels.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 12.46.40 PMhow to wear all black

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Simple & Chic

If I were to define my style in one word, I would use simple. I don’t wear too many patterns or jewelry. If I’m going to wear a necklace, it’s usually my twist bow pendant from Tiffany. I wear the same two silver rings and silver bracelets. My sunglasses are never too crazy and I’m usually wearing my black Gigi sandals or short heeled booties. When I put my entire ensemble together, I’ve created something simple and something chic!
Simple & Chic


Obviously, I am NOT going to Stagecoach. I could never betray the Coachella Gods.
However, I do loveeeee Stagecoach fashion so I decided to make my three outfits that I would wear if I listened to Jason Aldean or Eric Church. I know three country songs: cruise, wagon wheel, and yup that’s about it. But I hope everyone going has a great ole time. Stay hydrated, sing those country tunes, and say hello to Indio for me!


I finally made a blog! I can’t decide at the moment what kind of blog it’ll be but I know it’ll be more visual than literary. The definition of flair is stylishness and originality. Can I use it in a sentence? Sure. She dressed with flair. Another definition for flair: special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well. Now that I’ve taught you a new word, I’d like to use it in another sentence. I hope that this blog brings flair and that I might be able to find my flair in blogging.



With that being said, look for the flair necessities. The simple flair necessities. TATA for now!